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Assignment: Current Event 1/21
Wednesday 19 January 2022
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Research the topic assigned to your group for the week. Each of you will find a credible news article on the topic and using the form linked below, copy the URL link to the article into the form, and write a paragraph of at least five sentences describing the facts presented in the article. Review the link to my website on Current Events to see approved news sites. Each week one of your group members will be assigned to write a script and deliver it as an oral report on Friday. The order of whose turn it is to present can be found in the google sheet on Current Events under Citizenship. The Reporter Form will be used to write the script and must be turned in by the reporter no later than 8:30 am on Friday.  

Group 1:  Supreme Court overrules Vaccine Mandates by OSHA
Group 2: 

Conflict over Ukraine
Group 3:  January 6 Investigation 
Group 4: President Biden and the Filibuster
Group 5: Same topic as Group 1
Group 6: Same topic as Group 2